Dye a silk scarf in the microwave.



How to make a dyed silk scarf in the microwave. Fast and easy! Later, I will “Nuno Felt” them.



I am using a silk Chiffon Scarf from Dharma Trading Company. These are easy to apply the  Nuno felting to later, I also made one “silky smooth” silk scarf today, when I got a bit carried away. Anyhoo – Soak the scarf in 1 part white vinegar 2 parts water. Soak from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. Make sure the entire thing is saturated and wet.


Next, loosely scrunch it up into a microwave proof dish. Make sure it is still wet with Vinegar solution. I started at one end – opened the scarf up, scooted it down, and grabbed more with my fingers and scooted that down. So it is just sort of pooled together, but not folded. Does that make sense? Then start painting your dyes on. I used Fiber Reactive Dyes from Dharma Trading , but any dye will work. Start with the lightest color, paint it here and there, then add another color. In this example I used, Chartruese, Bright Green mixed with black to tone it down a bit, and purple of some sort. You can “dig” around with the paint brush seeking out and destroying any “white spots” or you can let them be. Depending on how you want the finished scarf to look. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Put in Microwave for 4 minutes, check it after two minutes – if it is dry pour water on it. It should always be wet. Burnt silk is bad. The smell of hot vinegar in the microwave is also bad. P-yew. Let it cool, then rince. That’s all there is to it. Make more while all your dyes are out. Oh – use rubber gloves. I did not – and I will have colorful hands for the next few days!

Rinse and hang to dry. Or if your are the ironing sort – Iron while still damp. 

I think tomorrow I will apply the wool to make a Nuno Felted Scarf.

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