How to make a concrete counter top

We finished !!!! It turned out great. We finished up with grinding and sealing and decided to move it in the house and set it up because we had help to carry it at that time. Christine,Bjorn and Bjorn’s friend Brandon were on the back and I was in the front with James a friend who just happened to call us at the wrong time. It was sure heavy but we managed just fine.

Today I waxed the counter and buffed it, installed the undermount sink, installed faucets, water lines ,drains and all that good stuff. The stainless steel bolts we placed it the wet cement helped ease the install of the sink. The bolts also made it a little more difficult to install the heavy counter because it needed to be lifted over the bolts which protruded under the finished counter top.

The silicone that creates the seal between the sink and cement needs to set up overnight and our dishes are piling up. I wonder if Joe at the glass recycling center envisioned this when some crazy guy (me), asked him for some broken glass?

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