Celebrating the discovery of a new subatomic particle. In the Soudan underground Physics lab.

What does the Higs Boson have to do with Crafturgy.com
The underground physics lab that some of the science and testing to learn about Neutrinos and Dark Matter takes place about 15 miles down the road from the bjornb11.sg-host.com studio.
When we heard of the sigma 5 discovery of a new particle we thought it was cause to celebrate. So we road the cramped metal elevator into the depths of the earth where the lab is located. We visited the giant collector which records neutrinos that are shot from fermlab in Chicago. They travel through the Earth to the underground collector.

The other reason – The underground lab stays about 50 degrees year around . So it was a relief from the heat wave that we have all been having.

http://www.physics.umn.edu/outreach/soudan/tour” Visit this link for cool info on the underground physics lab

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