How to make homemade Natto.


Soak 2 1/2 Cups Soybeans


This is an interesting test ! I boiled the beans for 1 hour and then placed in this insulated container.  All my recipes say to simmer for 6-8 hours.

I placed it in the insulated container for the same amount of time 8 hours.This device does not take any electricity but still keeps it warm and cooking  because it is insulated. lots of energy savings! You could do the same with a box and blankets.


After it was “cooked” for 8 hours drain and place in bowl. The beans need to cool down to about 110 F degrees.


I purchased Natto starter from Gem Cultures. It is available online in many places now.
Sprinkle 1 teaspoon on beans and mix it up. I do a 1/4 teaspoon then stir and add  and stir until I reach my 1 teaspoon amount.


Cover with plastic wrap tight against the beans and poke holes in plastic every inch or so in a gridwork fashion across the top.

Here is my home made incubator described in my Tempeh making post. Temperature is different ! Natto needs 104 F degrees this can vary a little. try not to get the temp lower than 100 a little higher than 104 F is OK so err on the warm side.


I let it incubate for 24 hours so that it makes it a more traditional tasting Natto.It also allows the strings to form. Look closely on the bottom of the spoon to see the stringiness.

107I save half a batch to use right away and then make small serving size bags to freeze.

Did I say that this stinks like dirty gym socks !

It has been described that way but I like the aroma and taste. Serve it over rice, add Kim Chee and some mustard. Mmmmm

Healthy ? Google Natto health benifits! Wow.

Remember :  kiss your spouse directly after eating Natto!


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