DIY Homemade Tempeh making

Homemade Tempeh ! yum


Soak 2 1/2 cups soybeans overnight



Crunch soybeans so they split in half . Rub them between your hands




Or pinch them. Something satisfying doing this. Like popping bubble wrap.


3Skim off skins. This is easy to do when the pot is boiling so don’t go too crazy cleaning.



Boil 45 minutes.


Incubater Ideas .

Old Coleman cooler + shelves + lighbulb + temperature control = incubater.
Do not have to go this crazy. Use what you have!!!  Heating pad + oven thermometer,
aquarium heater …


I just had Big Box Home store cut some shelving and screwed PVC pipe directly to the sides to space the shelves.


I use a 40 watt bulb, you could go lower. In fact if you do not want to go the whole temperature control route you could try different wattages and prop the door open and figure out where it sits at 86 F degrees. It can have a range of temp. but keep it close as you can.


Fasten Light socket. Screw in bulb – how many Tempeh makers do you need to screw in a light bulb…


Shelf fits in nicely.

Here is how I mounted the shelves.

I purchased a beer making temperature control. The trick is being able to regulate at the low temps we need for incubation.  Temp controller makes it easy . I would not let this stop me from trying it using ANY creative way you can think up to keep the temperature close to 86 F.


Poke holes through plastic bag every inch or so all around the bag while you wait for things to finish boiling.


This temp control has a grey (not 50 shades) wire. It also has two plug ins. One is plugged in the wall the other to your heat source.

Here is where I placed the temperature unit.


After the bean have boiled 45 Minutes drain and spread them out on a dish cloth to dry and cool.


When close to 86F add tempeh starter. Look for it online . Starter are fairly easy to get these days. Not so when I first started making Tempeh, Natto, Tofu .


Mix 1 teaspoon starter in to your beans stir and place in incubater at 86 F, plus or minus a little, overnight or about 24 hours.

18The aroma, taste and texture you will easily achieve by making your own home made Tempeh will keep you from ever buying store-bought again.


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