Crafturgy goes techy and creates a DIY computer monitor mount for a usb monitor


I needed to create a stand to hold the small usb monitor that is on top of the big monitor. Here is how I made a DIY triple usb monitor stand.
I have two laptops which I run one Keyboard and mouse ! Thanks to a bit of free open source software from 

(Please donate to Open source projects you use and like.)




I purchased all my materials at Menards but any big box store will carry what you will need for this project.

Materials: aluminum – flat stock ,channel  and bolts .
the measurements I did on the fly. First cut flat stock so that it will be long enough to screw into your existing monitor and extend to the top of the monitor your are going to mount. Note in this picture how the two channel pieces are fastened together with small bolts.

I purchased a new USB monitor. Wow, it is so thin and light plus require no bulky power cord. USB power only!


I measured the holes on the exsisting monitor and drilled holes in the flat stock.
note that I drilled two at once clamped into the vise. just a little timesaver.



Drilling and cutting produce sharp spots which needed to be sanded. I think this is 200 grit sandpaper.



Mounted on the back of the monitor for a trial run.
note extra holes – what is the old adage, measure incorrectly drill twice.



Next I cut the channel stock which will hold the monitor longer than the monitor.
I then drilled holes near each end to hold the two pieces together.
next step is to mark and drill holes and attach to back .( I turned these bolts around on the finished product)



This was a very cool solution for holding the top of the monitor.
Select 3 pieces of channel and epoxy them together like shown.
The rubber band is the hinge device. A no-tech solution that worked like a charm !


I painted everything black and let it dry overnight and then assembled it all.

I am not sure you can see this but I placed the channels that holds the new monitor up a little bit so that air could flow through the vents on top of the existing monitor.


Here is how the top hinge attaches. ingenious. The rubber band gives it enough spring to lift up and secure the monitor.



Yes you can run triple monitors using your laptop screen !!!!!

monitor 1 laptop sceen

monitor 2 hdmi to laptop

monitor 3 usb monitor.

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